Room Full of Mirrors

… and all I could see was me

  • My Fastify Story

    On 02 May 2016 I submitted my first pull request (PR) to the Pino logging library project. Subsequent PRs eventually led to me being offered a contributorship to the Pino project.

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  • Sugar

    Around the middle of May this year (2017) I was browsing through my Netflix recommendations when I came across a documentary called That Sugar Film. I decided to watch it.

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  • Starting Oracle 12c With Systemd

    I have put off migrating to RHEL 7 at work for just about as long as I quite possibly can. The reason? The shit show known as systemd. But the time draws near that RHEL 6 will be EOLed, so I have begun migrating in earnest.

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  • A Primer On Contributing To Projects With Git

    There isn’t any shortage of tutorials on this subject, but I haven’t seen any that attempt to guide a person that has zero experience with any of it. So, the goal of this article is to give a fresh “newbie” all of the information they need to collaborate on projects that use the Git SCM.

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  • Switching To Void Linux On My HTPC

    In 2008 I built myself a HTPC. It started out running Arch Linux but switched to Ubuntu when Arch decided to force systemd. Ubuntu’s Upstart didn’t live up to Arch’s original RC system, but it fit the bill of not being systemd.

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  • Goodbye Wordpress!

    For the last five years this site has been generated by Wordpress. The decision to move to Wordpress was based primarily on the ammount of spam that was being posted through the comment system I had written.

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