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Music ~ Sat, 06 Mar 2010 20:25:38 +0000

Labeled releases: I have another site for my labeled releases. Visit for information on my for pay releases. The tracks listed on the page you are currently reading are my freely available personal releases.

Creative Commons License Unless otherwise specified, these works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

I like to dabble with creating music from time to time. I particularly enjoy techno music. Thus, every song on this page is some form of techno. I hope you enjoy at least one or two of them. If you do, feel free to download the song(s) to your hard drive.

You can stream the tracks directly from this site. Alternatively, I have added the best of my tracks to my SoundCloud profile.

Note: Safari does not seem to like some of these files. If a song does not play, simply control+click the download link and choose "Download Linked File" from the menu.

Rule of Three Added on 25 March 2011 An ambient track produced completely on an iPad with studio.HD. The name comes from the method I used for arranging loops.

Space Dream Added on 14 May 2009 Very down tempo ambient track. This one should relax you. It isn't quite as dark as Sonorous Journey.

Sonorous Journey Added on 30 October 2008 This one gets the ambient right. I tried for ambient in Orange Pepper, but I failed. Especially when you compare it to Sonorous Journey. This track is downright trippy.

Orange Pepper Added on 25 October 2008 Yet another Garageband mix. This one is sort of a down tempo, grungy, ambient thing. Orange because it is October, and Pepper because a Dr. Pepper can was in sight. So, yeah, Orange Pepper.

Funky Metal Added on 27 January 2008 Here is another Garageband track. As the title implies, it is kind of funky. The beat is a typical jungle break beat. On top of that is some strings, scratching, and weird chimes/rattles. This time I decided to set a hard limit on track runtime. I settled on two minutes. So it's a short one. Enjoy!

3ohMadness Added on 24 May 2007 If you like the sound of a Roland TB-303 then you should like this track. It isn't so much a song as it is just me playing with the RB-303 emulators in ReBirth. If you're not into sixteen minutes of acid squelching sounds, don't bother.

Woeful Soul Added on 14 October 2005. Another Garage Band mix. This is a down tempo mix; in fact, it is 95 beats per minute. This track has a good bit of bass so crank up the sub-woofer.

Classical 0x38 0x30 0x73 Added on 04 October 2005. This is the first mix I have put together with Apple's Garage Band. It is a bit rough, but after listening to it get randomly played along with the rest of my music I decided it is good enough to put here. The hexadecimal in the title stands for "80s". The track is sort of a mix between a classical string band and early techno from the 1980s. Again, this is a rough mix; it is the first thing I have attempted and completed in years. Be kind.

Strance My first "mix." Actually I was just playing around with some samples from a shareware program (can't remember the name of it). Anyway, it is named after the style. Enjoy.

Break It Down This one I was pretty much just playing around with Hammerhead and Goldwave. I layed down the beat and all that in Hammerhead and did a little injection of a sample from an Orbital track with Goldwave.

Badder Than I am not exactly certain what this is "Badder Than" but it has to be something. I don't know why I even post this track but at least it isn't as bad as my Firestarter remix (which is why it is not posted here).

Woke Up This Morning (Speed Dæmon Mix) This is a remix I cooked up one day whilst I was under the weather and hopped up on some overly strong OTC Tylenol. It starts off at 90bpm and jumps to 180bpm for the real "remix" part of the track. The original track is by A3 which is the theme song for the popular HBO series The Sopranos.

Mix Better 2 Ok, I have not worked on this track for about a year now. I am actually afraid to work on it for fear of messing it up. I feel that it is my best work yet and will probably be the best I ever do and for that reason I leave it be. Maybe some day I will get the ambition or nerve to work on it again but I doubt it to be any time soon. 19/05/01

Harmony of the Soul * Special Bonus * Here is an mp3 that me and a friend of mine worked on together. It is the result of a couple months work. We worked as often as possible putting together samples (all original) for use in the song; after we had all the samples and put them together in loops that were worth a damn we sat down at three keyboards and the computer and recorded this song in real time. If you want to know more about the track just see me.