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On this page you will find a few projects I've worked on in my spare time. If you are coming to this page through one of my archived posts, you might not see the file you are looking for. This page contains only my most recent, and relevant, projects. Things like my Debian "update_check" script did not fall under that classification (and if you are looking for that specific item, I suggest you look at apticron).

Furthermore, most of my public code is now hosted on my Bitbucket page.

TVRage Feed Posted 17 January 2010. A PHP script to fix's broken personalized RSS feed. Their feed uses incorrect date formats and does not include GUIDs for each item. These things break caching feed readers like Google Reader.

ZenPhoto extthumb This is a script I wrote for pulling thumbnails from my ZenPhoto gallery. It is capable of retrieving thumbnails in any given size, and it has support for DHTML methods (can return a JSON object).

mythlogin This is a simple login program that automatically authenticates the specified user and launches the xinit program under their privileges. It is meant to be run from inittab as so: "x:5:respawn:mythlogin myuser 2> /tmp/mythlogin.log". I make no claims about the security of this program.

winfo (0.5 - universal binary) Updated 07 February 2006. A small utility for OS X to display information about the associated access point and the wireless connection to the access point.