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Sonar 2011 Remix Competition And My Re-emerging Hobby ~ Wed, 13 Jul 2011 19:34:06 +0000

I have entered the Sonar 2011 remix competition by Loopmasters with a track I'm calling Sonacid. It's got a Wink style acid house vibe. This is my first public release since getting started with Ableton Live four months ago.

Which brings me to the second part of this post's title. Before I truly committed myself to completing my degree, I spent a lot of time with music. After I completed my degree, I dabbled with music occasionally. I created some rather decent arrangements with Garage Band, but nothing I would consider totally original and worthy of getting published. Everything has changed in the past four months.

Ableton Live has brought back the desire in me to create original music. Music has once again become my primary hobby, and I have worked in Live almost every single day over the past four months. I have created several new tracks, a couple of which are fully complete, and I continue to learn and have fun with Live. But since Live isn't some amatuer hour free tracker, I have opted not to release any of this material for free. My plan is to release my work via the UltraPhonix Recordings (UPR) label. In fact, my first release was scheduled to be sometime this month, but extenuating circumstances has delayed that plan.

So, until then, please enjoy a taste of my upcoming work with Sonacid. I am not making it available for download, hence it only being available for streaming on SoundCloud, just yet. After the competition results are posted, I might enable downloading of the track. But I might also wait and see if UPR would like to release it.