Tuesday, 17 February 2004, 1:35:37 EST

Yesterday was a horrible day. I had trouble getting to sleep Sunday night so Monday morning it was a real pain to drag my lazy self out of bed and get ready for work. Nothing unusual about that, it was just the beginning though.

When I made it to campus it was unusually busy and as a result I had to park way out in the middle of no where and hike to the library, where my "office" (I don't want to describe it right now, just know that I don't have an office) is, in the cold - I loathe winter. Once I got in I found out that we had to attend a speech being given by a prospective CIO for CCSU at 3:00PM. My lunch is scheduled for 3:00PM so I got to take an early lunch. No problem right? I wish. Since I absolutely had to be in the auditorium by 3:00PM I got to rush over to a fast food place, pick up some food, rush back to campus, and then shovel the food into my mouth as fast as possible. I sat down in the auditorium probably a minute and a half before they started the speech.

Yay, half the suck day is over.

If you have been reading recently you will know that I am trying to get my cell phone number ported from Sprint PCS[uck] over to Virgin Mobile. I called VM Saturday and they told me it should be active Monday by 6:00PM. Guess what? I still have no cell phone service. The whores are now saying that I should have service five days from last Saturday, that would be this Wednesday, and that there really no one else to call because "the people that can do the porting have the information and are working on it." Porting numbers is bullshit.

I also got my electric bill today; it is always fun to get bills on a shitty day. The bill is for $343.67. What...the...fuck? Evidently, they never sent me a bill last month. When I don't receive a bill I assume either a) I don't have a bill or b) I have already paid it. I know I didn't receive it because the assholes that are Georgia Power stop sending you paper bills in the mail when you sign up to pay your bills through their online service. Instead they just send you an email every month letting you know your statement is online; that is the theory any way. So, since they didn't send me an email last month I have a bill that covers $96.00 for February, $97.67 for January, and a "deposit" of $150.00 that doesn't have to be paid unless I don't pay the two month's bills by the twenty-sixth.

I suppose the two saving graces for today was some helpful information I received about credit history and how to manage it (ask and I will post) and the fact that I am now certified to work on all Dell machines from laptops to servers. [sarcasm]Yay[/sarcasm]!

I am going to bed before something else can go wrong.


Holy hell. What a craptastic day, man.

Posted by William Graves on Tuesday, 17 February 2004, 18:11:25 EST.