Saturday, 14 February 2004, 23:07:44 EST

The one thing, in my opinion, that Windows has over Linux is software installation. On Windows you have two or three standard installers that you basically just click "Next" several times and your new software is installed. While this can be a bad thing, a standard user should not be able to modify system files, it is also the key thing that makes Windows easier for 99% of the computer users out there. Well, the tide is starting to shift. A day or two ago I read a statement that said something to the effect of "Linux will get a standard installer with-in the year." I was a bit leary of that statement but I also know how possible it is.

Lo and behold Bitrock. Bitrock is a GTK2 based installer that aims to create a standard, easy to use, installer for software on Linux machines AND Windows machines. The Windows support is not there yet but this product looks very promising. True, there is alredy the Loki Installer but it is not as intuitive as, say, an InstallShield installer.