Saturday, 14 February 2004, 20:38:29 EST

Well, I added two new sections today: "links" and "about me". If you don't see the buttons at the top you should probably think about adjusting the cache settings on your web browser. The "about me" section is really just one long ramble with a picture of me on it. The "links" section is a short list of friends sites and a description of them.

I also added in the option to save your info on the comments page. Now you won't have to type it in every single time you want to say something. All you will have to do is type in your comment and hit submit.

Ice cream. I must have ice cream. Publix here I come.


I'll take a carton of something yummy. What time can I expect the delivery?

Posted by William Graves on Saturday, 14 February 2004, 21:25:14 EST.