Friday, 06 February 2004, 20:12:14 EST

I stopped by the local Sprint PCS store today and found out that I am not bound by any contract. I evidently have just been paying a monthly fee for service and could have left at any time since last April. I am happy they made it so crystal clear (thick sarcasm). After find out this choice bit of information I went over to Best Buy and picked up a Virgin Moble Slider V5 phone. If you are considering switching services and keeping your number before the end of March you should call whomever it is you wish to sign with FIRST. Evidently, if you do not live in a "majorly populated" area you can not have your number ported just yet. Luckily enough, I was able to sound pissed off enough that she checked my number with the first six digits as opposed to just the area code (it seems the are not "supposed" to do this) and I turned out to be eligible after all. I would have been pretty ticked if I could not have ported today; the phone was not cheap and I didn't want to buy it and not use the damn thing. So, by 6:00PM tomorrow I should be rid of Sprint and the high monthly bill and on with Virgin Mobile. If you know you are in my phone book and want to have a personal ring go pick one out in their ring tone store and choose to "give me" a ring tone (there are LOTS to choose from); they are $2.00 for my model phone.

While I was out today I heard some awesome news on the radio. It seems that the state senate just passed a bill that will allow novelty beer makers to produce, and sell, beers that reach an alcohol content of 14% as opposed to the current maximum of 6%. Woo!

If you live in the Atlanta area you may have heard of a little radio station (evidently too little) called WMAX 105.3. If you are like me you loved it and would listen to almost nothing but this radio station. Well, not any more. As of 6:00PM January 30, 2004 they are now a fucking talk radio station.