Tuesday, 03 February 2004, 12:34:59 EST

Magnatune, the open music record label. This is how things should done. Magnatune is a record label that distributes wholly online in any format you could possibly want: "All songs are available in MP3, CD-quality WAV, OGG, FLAC and MP3-VBR." Not only that, but you are able to choose the price you want to pay for the album, ranging from $5.00US - $18.00US. If you really like the album you can pay more than the recommended $8.00 or if you kinda dig and just want to have it around to listen to you can pay a little less. Whatever you choose to pay the artist gets 50%. And you don't have to blindly guess at what the music will sound like either; you can listen to tracks individually, listen to the whole album, tune in to a station playing whole albums of a specific genre, or tune in to a station playing a mixture of a specific genre.

While you are there check out Indidginus. Pretty good stuff.