Tuesday, 03 February 2004, 0:39:19 EST

What the hell is wrong with people in this country? Unless you live under a rock in the deepest darkest cave on earth you will have heard about Janet Jackson showing some nipple on national television during the super bowl Sunday evening. Let's go over this one:

First, football is a violent sport and more than likely gets a content rating of TV-14. That means children under the age of fourteen should not be watching it. I could be wrong and it has a rating of TV-PG, I don't know, I don't watch football.

Second, it is a breast. Almost everyone has sucked on one at some point in their life what is so wrong about seeing one on television? Television isn't going to corrupt your children - not teaching them whatever morals you have is going to "corrupt" your children. Quit censoring everything because you don't like it.

Want to see it? Here is one shot and here is another shot. Oh no! It's a nipple!