Monday, 19 January 2004, 22:01:52 EST

Yeah, this month has been pretty lax on the posts. Just haven't had too much to say since the new year started. Speaking of the new year, you may be wondering about the post just after the strike of the new year. I was, ummmm, slightly drunk and in a low mood. It was night that I affectionately term "bottom bottle whiskey night". Thankfully I was smart enough not to go out and buy a bottle of whiskey; I just had whatever was already in the apartment.

Anyway, I was in CompUSA the other day buying a cheapo video card to go in my Linux box since the motherboard I put in it does not have a built in card like the old one. I went in, looked at the cards to see the prices, and then walked around looking at network cards while I decided whether or not to buy one or continue using the ancient ATi card I have. Eventually I decided to pick up a $50 GeForce 2. So, I picked up the card and walked up to the front of the store - the two lines were not moving so I decided to go look around some more. I ending up wandering over to the digital camera cases to see if they had one I would like for my camera. I was fidling around with them, unzipping them, feeling the material on the inside to see how soft they were (I don't want the view screen on my camera getting scratched). Well, I decided that none of them suited my picky needs and started walking back up to the front. It was at this point I noticed the manager standing about twenty feet away watching me, in what I assume the thought, a slick manner. Since when does actual shopping constitute a prospective theif? If I go that store again and the same thing happens I will be telling the bastard off and never going there again. I should have said something to him at the checkout when he started cleaning up the register one over from the one I was at but I didn't.

Oh, and based on the caucuses coverage on C-SPAN, Iowa has to be the whitest state in the union.