Sunday, 21 December 2003, 23:28:37 EST

I decided to start posting more of the "software development" that I do to this site so I removed the old "Scripts" section and added a new "Miscellaneous" section (I couldn't think of a better title - suggest one if you can). At the moment it contains the one, horribly outdated, script that was in the scripts section and a patch for the kick ass pr0n leeching application Enqueue.

While on the subject of development; you may recall that I started to develop a better forum application. Well, tonight I sat down and basically rewrote everything I had done on it thus far. I decided to standardize on MySQL as the storage mechanism instead of abstracting the database access. I decided to do this because it would have been a severe pain in the ass to do it the other way and continue on in the direction I am heading - using classes. That's right boys and girls, I am stepping away from non-object oriented programming for this project. I think that this project really calls for an object oriented approach to make it as modular as possible. I really do want to make it easy for any developer to go in and rip out sections that do not work for their system and implement custom methods.

Anyway, I just thought you might be interested to know that I have not let that project fall to the way side.

In other news, I added a link to my personal gallery for those of you who are having problems viewing it properly. I think I may get rid of the third party software that I am using for it some time soon because I wrote my own for The Underground that I like a helluva lot better. I still have some features to implement first but then I think I may resculpt it for this site.

Woo! Too much to do and no time to do it in. If only I could get by without sweet sweet sleep.