Tuesday, 16 December 2003, 16:26:36 EST

Here is a good article about Python Integrated Development Environments. If you have been keeping up with this page you would know that I am not particularly fond of IDEs as I really prefer Vim over any other editor. I do, however, think that this article mentions some environments that I would consider using. I am really interested in Leo; it looks very interesting in its approach but I am unsure how practical it would be for me to use.

Python is a language I have just decided to learn. I read through the syntax manual a couple of weeks ago and determined that it can be a really cool language. Python combined with the wxWindows API makes for a really really easy cross platform GUI development environment. The only problem I am having thus far is finding decent wxPython bindings documentation. The only stuff I can find on the official page is a copy of the wxWindows C++ API. I want to write a (hopefully) cross platform Ogg Vorbis CD audio burning application.