Tuesday, 16 December 2003, 14:13:00 EST

Lots of stuff today.

Sunday I went to see The Last Samurai with my mother. This movie is intensely better than I thought it would be; I say "intesely" because I think it is a rather intense movie. The movie has a very good story associated with it and Tom Cruise does a heckuva lot better job acting in this movie than he has in any other movie. I think the aspect of the movie I like the most is the poignant way it depicts why guns are dishonorable in battle. To tell the truth, the last ten minutes of the movie kept a lump in my throat that would not go away until credits rolled.

I would have posted this "review" last night but the phone lines in my area were jacked up so my DSL router could not establish a connection with Speedfactory - yay!

If I absolutely had to go out and buy a laptop today it would be this one. IBM rocks tha hizouse yo!