Sunday, 16 November 2003, 19:27:14 EST

I fucking hate Wal-Mart. I stopped by there tonight on my way home to pick up a couple of little items and it was an excruciating experience. It is like people go there just to walk around with lost expressions on their faces. What is really great is when they don't even give any hint as to the direction they are going to suddenly steer their buggy in. Several times I almost ran in to people because, instead of being courteous and letting me walk by first (I was walking briskly), they would just randomly turn into my line of travel. Then at the checkout these two little Mexican kids would NOT back the fuck up off me - rude little bastards. I would have gone elsewhere but everywhere else would have been closed thanks be to corporate america closing everything at 6:00PM on Sundays.

Vent over.