Sunday, 02 November 2003, 22:15:41 EST

I finally got around to implementing an "archive" system on this site. Instead of the posts section (the section you are currently reading) being generated from all the posts I have made it is now generated based on the current month. This should be a cleaner arrangement. In the process I had to tweak the CSS file a bit so, even though IE likes to make the page "taller" than it should be, the site should look better on all browsers.

In case you all didn't know, the new Indiana Jones DVDs rock. They didn't add new stuff to the movies or take anything out. The movies are just touched up to look and sound their best. And the bonus disc is really cool. It points out all kinds of stuff that I never noticed before. For example, in the heiroglyphics on the column next to Indy when he and Sullah are recovering the Ark there is a scene with C3P0 reaching out to R2D2.

If you haven't seen the new Alien re-release and you are a fan of the movie you should go see it. There are a couple cool new scenes that make the movie a good bit better in my opinion. Plus, if you are like me and were too young (read just born) to see it on the big screen the first time around, you have got to see it in the theatre. It changes everything.