Saturday, 04 October 2003, 22:58:40 EDT

The Braves and the Cubs are definitely taking things down to the wire - literally. The Braves finally came around today and played baseball. The whole series they have been up against some damn good pitching but they have not been playing the baseball they played all season. They were making the Cubs fight but they were not showing them how to hit. Tomorrow is going to be a really tough game; Wood will be back on the mound for the Cubs and Hammond, who pitched two nights ago, will be tossing for the Braves. Wood is just too damn good.

Braves 2 - Cubs 2

I bought the Willow special edition DVD today. I did not realize that Val Kilmer plays one of the lead roles in that movie. If you have not seen it in a while I recommend watching it. The DVD is done really well; the sound and video quality are superb.