Tuesday, 02 February 2010, 7:34:41 EST

Here is a tip for people using Windows 7 without any system sounds. If you turn off system sounds, then a system beep will still sound for certain events. For example, if you are typing in an instant messenger window and try to backspace without any text to erase. This is very annoying to me. When I disable system sounds I don't want any sound effects for system events.


  1. Right click "Computer" (in the Start Menu or on the desktop) and choose properties.

  2. Click "Advanced system settings."

  3. Click the "Hardware" tab.

  4. Click "Device Manager."

  5. Select "Show hidden devices" from the "View" menu.

  6. Expand the "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" node.

  7. Double click "Beep" in the expanded list.

  8. Click the "Driver" tab.

  9. Click the "Stop" button.

  10. Select "Disabled" from the "Type" box.

Now, you will no longer have to suffer that annoying system beep.