Thursday, 14 May 2009, 22:19:36 EDT

Early last week I learned of some cheap MIDI controllers from Korg. Evidently they released the nanoSERIES recently. I've been needing some sort of MIDI controller for a long time. I just couldn't advance my occasional music production without one. So I looked around on eBay and found the complete nano set, brand new, for about $20 off retail with free shipping. I decided I couldn't pass it up. The package arrived on my doorstep this past Tuesday. I immediately set to playing with the "nanoKEY" and "nanoKONTROL."

Today, I give you Space Dream. Another ambient tune. I had the song mostly finished a few hours after I started messing around with it. But I wanted to get some feedback before releasing it. My buddy Jason, who doesn't even like this kind of music, was kind enough to help me out. After a few more hours of work I decided it was done. If Jason likes it, then it must be pretty decent.

In regard to the MIDI controllers. So far, I have only used the nanoKEY and nanoKONTROL. They are definitely good devices for the money. They are not the sturdiest of instruments, but they aren't meant to be. I think they are going to work just fine for someone like me; someone who doesn't do this very often and just needs something that can send the notes and sequences. Plus, all three fit comfortably on a TV dinner table. Perfect for someone whose desk space is at a premium.