Wednesday, 15 April 2009, 11:51:22 EDT

Since I graduated, one of the things I have been doing with my free time is playing World of Warcraft. I have certainly had the free time to play it, and it's a fun game. One of the best things about the game is the ability to alter the user interface, and extend functionality, via user made add-ons.

The default user interface reports your character level progression via a progress bar. This progress bar is broken up into pips, where each pip represents 5% of your level progression. In addition, you are able to earn "bonus" experience if you rest your character in a major city or an inn. This is represented on the progress bar by a blue color. Clearly, this is a very simple method of giving you the information. You are able to turn on a display, in numbers, of how much experience you have earned, and how much is needed for your next level, but it is also limited. So I decided to fix this by writing my own add-on.

I wrote my add-on in late January, and early February. I put off releasing it because of a couple of bugs and a missing feature. Yesterday I decided that the add-on is plenty useful without those bugs fixed, and that releasing it to the public should be fine. So I posted it to The add-on is named XPLog. It has been posted for less than a day, and it has already had quite a few downloads. Now I just have to polish it up.