Saturday, 25 October 2008, 19:23:17 EDT

The last time this site got a visual refresh was in 2006. Welcome to 2008! If you're a regular, and you don't see any change in this site, hit the refresh button. You still have the old style sheets loaded.

This visual refresh is really just some updated colors (very similar to the old ones), and a slight re-work of the layout. The old style was difficult to read; particularly at higher resolutions. I'm not really a fan of the content-in-the-middle design, but it does compress the width and make it easier to read.

Internet Explorer (version 7) is still a bit wonky. It doesn't work well with the content overflow. The vertical scroll bar it produces doesn't encompass all of the content until you scroll all the way to the bottom. Very odd, and very hard to describe; if you have IE7, try it for yourself.

Firefox, Opera, and Safari all work well. Who would have guessed, right? I haven't had any problems with the scrolling in Firefox 3. They seem to have fixed their renderer so that it will actually scroll smoothly now. Camino 1.6 is not even generating a scroll bar, but it still scrolls if you use a mouse wheel or the arrow keys. Weird.

Overall, I like the new design. It's clean, and much easier to read. I wish I could do fancy graphics, but I think this looks pretty good. There are some things I wanted to do, but they really aren't doable without CSS3. E.G. gradient borders on the main content division.

One last thing. I put together a simple new mix. I call it Orange Pepper. I hope you like it.