Wednesday, 20 February 2008, 20:22:14 EST

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON: My campaign is about an America of shared opportunity, shared prosperity, and shared responsibility.

Translation: "My campaign is about promising everyone they will have free access to the luxuries they desire. It's about taking the smart, motivated, people's money and giving it to the lazy and stupid. It's about putting the burden of your neighbors bad choices on your shoulders."

I don't think there is any clearer statement as to what she thinks the federal government should be doing. She thinks the federal government should be making life easy for its citizens at the expense of those who have worked hard to achieve. She thinks that if someone makes a decision that adversely affects their life then the government should step it and make it all better. Like a mother kissing her child's boo-boo.

That isn't a constitutional republic. It's a socialist state.


Its a democratic candidate. What else do you expect?

Posted by Mr Frosti on Saturday, 23 February 2008, 22:50:00 EST.