Friday, 31 August 2007, 17:13:59 EDT

Twenty-eight years completed. Maybe it's because I've never left school, but I haven't felt "older" until recently. I suddenly find myself an adult with real responsibilities. Sure, I've been paying rent and such for several years, but now I have to keep up with a business while working on my degree. My brother does all of the hard work, but I'm making sure our bills get paid on time without us running out of money. I have stacks of paper on dinner trays all around my desks. It's a mountain of work that is constantly calling out to me. And the piles are just going to get higher, I have to do my classwork first; and that's no light task.

Year twenty-eight hasn't been fun. It's been one thing after another, everything from vandalism to loosing my father. Of course, all of my other "troubles" this year pale in comparison to that one event. It's been hard to deal with, but I think I'm coming around. That, or I've just managed to bury it while I finish school. I have no idea.

So I'm hoping year twenty-nine is a better year. I really can't fathom it being worse; indeed, I don't want to. The transition day has been pretty good. My Friday class was light, I got sent home and told to "do something fun" when my boss figured out what today is, and some good friends are coming over to have drinks and play games tonight.

No world events in this year's annual post. I don't imagine you are too distraught with that.