Thursday, 24 May 2007, 7:38:16 EDT

I'm posting a track I created on 14 April 1998. I had the house to myself, so I cranked up the speakers and starting playing with ReBirth. I'm a big, big, fan of the TB-303's sound. So, instead of playing around with the drum machines built into ReBirth, I created a bunch of 303 patterns. After creating the 303 patterns, I set ReBirth to record my actions and started playing with the default drum patterns and the ones I had created. The result is a sixteen minute track I like to call "3ohMadness". It really isn't very impressive. In fact, unless you just really like listening to 303 sounds on a rather dry drum track, you probably don't want to listen to it. Aside from a couple spots where the 303 doesn't really match up with the beat very well, I think it's pretty good for just messing around. It's no blockbuster single, but, almost ten years later, I still like listening to it. You can find it on the music page if you care to check it out.