Thursday, 25 January 2007, 10:40:44 EST

I've removed the "print this" feature for now. I'll have to revisit when I get some more free time. It worked well in Safari, Firefox, and Camino for Mac OS X. It even worked in Opera on Linux. Every other browser I tried didn't work, though. That means Firefox, on Linux and Windows, and Internet Explorer. I really didn't expect Internet Explorer to work, but I gave it a shot any way. I'm thoroughly confused about Firefox working on OS X but now Linux or Windows. It really doesn't make any sense. When I can spend some more time on it, I will do some more testing and probably file a bug report.

I should have removed this feature after I first became aware of the problems. I've just been lazy.


It seems odd to me that Firefox would have two different results on two different OS. I know there are differences, but Javascript should be interpreted the same way. I can't imagine they go through the effort of customizing the engine per platform.

My guess would be discrepancies in the printing system. At first glance, they both use CUPS and one could assume that this is consistent. In reality though, OS X is using a pretty well modified instance of CUPS to do printing. Javascript just isn't talking with the API in a consistent way.

Posted by Mr Frosti on Friday, 09 February 2007, 8:58:26 EST.

The only feature I really wish you would work on is the RSS feed. I'm a lazy bastard. :)

Posted by Wolven on Monday, 12 February 2007, 8:41:34 EST.