Saturday, 30 December 2006, 16:48:32 EST

Don't get a sinus cold in Georgia. You'll be considered a criminal if you try to get over-the-counter medication for it. From House Bill 19 (2006):

Any person purchasing, receiving, or otherwise acquiring any product, compound, mixture, or preparation containing any detectable quantity of pseudoephedrine, its salts or optical isomers, or salts of optical isomers shall produce photo identification showing the date of birth of the person and shall sign a written log or receipt showing the date of the transaction, name of the person, and the amount of the product, compound, mixture, or preparation purchased, received, or acquired.

Why? Because if you have a significant quantity of pills, you can extract enough pseudoephedrine to manufacture methamphetamine. The pseudoephedrine in the cold medication causes the nasal passages to open a little wider so that the person can breathe easier. There are substitutes which use phenylephrine as the primary decongestant, but it isn't as effective. So, I can either go along with my state legislatures calling me a criminal because I have been unfortunate enough to contract a sinus cold or just wait it out. Which do you think I choose?


Punk kids and their parties. Seriously, being checked on buying a potentially (in combination) abusive substance is a heck of a lot prettier than Microsoft's guilty until proven innocent approach. Both of these things go against the principles on which our was country was founded

Posted by Mr Frosti on Thursday, 04 January 2007, 19:29:54 EST.