Wednesday, 04 October 2006, 19:36:49 EDT

I cannot believe it is October already. Midterms have come and gone. I've been so swamped in homework I haven't had time to do anything extracurricular. My workout schedule is almost nonexistent; all I'm doing there is maintaining previous work (if anything). I just hope to make it out of the semester with at least three Cs. I'm not worried about my macroeconomics class, and my differential equations class should be okay. It is the combinatorics class that is killing me. If I make the C I need in that class I will be amazed. The subject eludes me; evidently, counting is not my thing. Maybe I will get it, though.

The personal update out of the way, let's shift gears a bit. I'm sure you heard about the president of Venezuela and his lunacy at the United Nations a few weeks ago. I don't recall how I learned about it, but several weeks prior to his speech I learned that the Citgo oil company is owned by Petroleos de Venezuela. It had been a while since I had purchased fuel from a Citgo and I decided at that time to keep that trend running. I have no desire to send my money directly to a country that harbors a hatred for my own. Well, after Chavez's speech, other people decided the same thing. At least one of my friends has joined me in the endeavor. I also just read an article from a Tampa Bay newspaper on this very idea. So I ask you to join us. I know it isn't fair to the local owners of the gas stations, but they are the ones that chose to align themselves with the company. They may have some of the more affordable prices around, but I'll be shopping elsewhere from now on. Indeed, I haven't purchased fuel from anyone except QuikTrip since I got back from Michigan.


I just read your post, and I can't believe you are generalizing in that way. You can't say that you are not sending money to a country that hates your country. This is silly, I think. Venezuelans don't hate Americans. Chavez doesn't like Bush (he haven't said anything about United States, only about Bush and his administration) This is like when people says that Americans are ignorants or that Americans want to be the leaders of the world just because of what Bush is doing in Iraq. Please, don't generalize that way because you hurt people who are in the middle.

Posted by Jacky on Thursday, 23 November 2006, 10:05:26 EST.