Friday, 25 August 2006, 19:16:19 EDT

I have some more numbers for you. On my way up to, and way back from, Michigan I kept track of the distance I traveled in each state. I didn't decide to do it until I was entering Kentucky, and I only used the last three digits on the odometer; so the numbers are not extremely accurate. There is a bit of error introduced by exiting the freeway to get fuel and/or lunch and my missed turn when I got to Michigan. Still, I find the numbers interesting. So here we go.

Traveling north, I entered Kentucky at 98232, Indiana at 98375, Michigan at 98658, and arrived at my destination at 98738. Thus, I traveled 143 miles in Kentucky, 273 miles in Indiana, and ninety miles in Michigan. I went 222.7 miles after my last fill-up in Indiana and a total of 817.0 miles (these two figures were taken from the Trip A and Trip B counters on my truck).

Traveling south, I started the trip at 99058, entered Indiana at 99131, Kentucky at 99435, Tennessee at 99576, Georgia at 99736, Tennessee(!) at 99741, and Georgia at 99757. So I traveled seventy-three miles in Michigan, 304 miles in Indiana, 141 miles in Kentucky, and 176 miles in Tennessee. I forgot to write down my final odometer number and trip numbers when I got home so I don't have totals for Georgia and overall distance. I was just too tired when I got home and forgot about it the next day.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took a different route home than I did going to Michigan. The new route wasn't too many more miles and it kept me on the freeway the whole trip. However, it seemed like it took me more time to make the journey back than it did going up. I did hit a few more slow construction areas on the new route, so maybe that is what caused the extra time.

Yes, you read correctly. I left Tennessee and re-entered it five miles later. It doesn't look like it on a map, but a little sliver of Dade county juts up into Tennessee. Interstate-24 runs right through it and the jut is actually north of Chattanooga. When you re-enter Tennessee, there is a "Welcome to Tennessee" sign and a Chattanooga city limits sign. I have always found that weird. It's like a very small part of Tennessee said "Screw you guys! We're Georgians!"