Saturday, 10 June 2006, 19:52:24 EDT

Friday I took the day off to go tour the state capital. Actually, I took the day off to go to the zoo but changed plans because Jay and Jacky want to go with me on that trip. My plan for the day was to park at the Camp Creek MARTA station and take the train to Five Points. That didn't work out. The parking lot was full. Well, full minus the one space that could have been used had someone not straddled the line of two spaces; it should come as no surprise that they parked backward. I ended up driving to downtown and parking in the Underground parking deck. It seems they now accept Visa and Mastercard as payment. Good stuff.

Any way, the tour of the capital was nice. There is a lot of stuff there. I took a few pictures outside before going in for the tour. After the tour I started taking pictures in the museum and had to slow down about half-way through. I was running out of space and battery life. In all, I snapped 144 pictures. After getting rid of some obviously bad (flash reflections and such) pictures I was left with 140. Sifting through the rest, I came up with ninety-three okay, and decent, pictures to put up in the gallery. I am very disappointed with a lot of the pictures I had to cut out. I took a lot of pictures of plaques with bits of history on them. At least most all of my pictures of quotes came out well. My favorite: "The shores of history are littered with the wrecks of civilizations where once free men entrusted their rights and liberties to a wholly centralized government" -- Richard B. Russell.