Tuesday, 07 February 2006, 14:09:18 EST

It has been over six months since the last release of winfo. Today, there is a new release. If you don't have an Intel based Macintosh, there is no reason for you to download this new release. The only change between 0.4 and 0.5 is that the program has been compiled as a "universal binary." In other words, it will run on a PPC or Intel Macintoshes. I wanted to include a new feature or two but I just don't have the time. I am close to being able to include the wireless card's IP address in the information but not close enough to put off the universal binary release. The MacBook Pro machines should be shipping soon and I want early adopters to be able to use winfo if they so desire. However, I have no idea if it will even work. I don't have an Intel based Mac on which to test it. So, if you have one and can test it for me I would appreciate some feedback. It would be nice to know if it works or blows up. I imagine it will work without any issues, but stranger things have happened.

Also, if you are using Opera to read this web site, and are tired of the horizontal scroll bar, I have a solution for you. Use the, just released, Opera 9 PR2. It is a preview release, so use it at your own peril. It does render this site correctly though. Too bad the same can't be said for guildwars.com. They really fucked that site up.