Tuesday, 01 November 2005, 7:56:02 EST

My Beta Splenden, Babu, died some time last night. He was such a happy little fish.

When I woke up Sunday morning and went to feed him I noticed that one of his eyes was bulging; that certainly isn't normal. Noticing the water was really cloudy, I immediately changed his water but I didn't know what else to do. After some searching around on the internet, I learned that he had a bacterial infection. So, yesterday at lunch, I went to PetSmart and bought some treatment for him. All of the information I read said, that with proper treatment, he should survive and that I had probably caught it in time. I don't know what I did wrong. His water was quite fresh, because I had recently changed it, so I don't think it was poor water that caused the infection. I think it was either from the recent pest control spray, which we never requested, or the sudden change in temperature. We haven't been using the air conditioning or heater too much the past couple weeks so it has been getting a bit chilly in the apartment during the nights and rather warm during the days.


I think it was the pest control. My sister had a fish (I think the same kind and everything), and he survived 4 years. That pest control is strong!

Posted by Jacky on Tuesday, 01 November 2005, 13:05:04 EST.

Might have also been the sudden changing of the water. That can really do a number on fish. Sorry you lost him.

Posted by Jonathan Gillespie on Thursday, 10 November 2005, 17:40:40 EST.