Sunday, 16 October 2005, 15:46:02 EDT

A few weeks ago I came to the conclusion that I need some place to jot down notes. Sort of like a scratch pad. I had the idea to write an interactive website to solve the problem. Then slashdot ran an article with a link to a site that does 98% of the idea I had. So, I decided not to waste time on that. At least one of the other 2% of my idea required a unique login to access the notes because I don't like the idea of a notepad with as easy access to the notes as mailinator gives to spam mail.

Today, I decided that I want to keep track of how many calories I consume and burn. I want to be able to figure out how close I am to my basal metabolic rate so I need to keep a rough tally for a while. There are plenty of programs specifically designed for this sort of thing. The problem is all the good ones are shareware and since I am a cheap bastard I don't want to pay for such a thing. Thus did idea number two strike me.

I was thinking about all of this on the way home from the grocery store today and came up with a solution. I determined that a wiki would be the perfect way to keep track of my notes and diet information. And so, the MyNotes Wiki was born. Anyone can use it for the same type of thing. Anonymous editing is disabled so you don't have to worry (too much) about random surfers defacing your stuff. Of course, a wiki being a wiki you can just revert to a previous edit any way.