Friday, 14 October 2005, 21:14:28 EDT

I dig the hell out of Garage Band. After my last post I started messing around with the program again. Today, I finished up a new track. I didn't do much beat slicing in this one, though. I concentrated more on learning how to modify software instruments and apply effects to them. I think it turned out rather well. Give it a listen.

In other news, midterm week is now over. It arrived in a hurry and departed even quicker. So far I have a B in each of my three classes. Since midterm grades don't include all of the work done thus far they are a rough estimate of how you are doing in classes. My calculus and Smartbodies grades are on the high end of the range and my linear algebra grade on the low end. I will be completely satisfied if I keep the B in linear algebra; I cannot stress enough how bad the book is for that class. If I can finish off the semester with As in the other two classes, though, I should make the Dean's List again. That is my goal. If I can swing that, my GPA will continue going the way of the Jeffersons.

I've been listening to The Financial Aid Podcast recently. I really like it. It is a half hour show about everything relating to finances that would concern a college student. Everything from credit card debt to bills before Congress that will affect federal financial aid. I highly recommend giving it a listen if you are in school. It has reminded me quite effectively that I need to quit being lazy and look for some scholarships. If you subscribe to the RSS feed you can download a PDF that is basically a handbook for finding scholarships. I've only read the first couple of pages so far but it should be good.

Oh, one more thing. I renamed all of the MP3s and updated their ID3 tags. You may want to re-download any of the ones you have. With the increasing audience of this site I decided that I wanted to change the artist name. If the downloads don't work let me know.