Saturday, 23 July 2005, 23:54:44 EDT

"Itís ironic that the one person I always considered to be the independent loner inadvertently provided the only consistent avenue for contact between all of us." -- Jonathan Gillespie

Independent loner. That is a difficult label; I am not saying it isn't accurate. It is just difficult to deal with at times. It is not as if I want to be a "loner;" I am just picky about my associations and I don't decide on them very quickly. I tend to observe people for a long time before I really even talk to them. It is sort of like I need to figure the person out before I decide if I even want to talk to them. It makes being a social person very difficult.

What I find ironic is that Jonathan posted this today (Saturday). While helping two of my closest friends move today, I was thinking about how all of my close friends are moving up and away, in this case only thirty miles, but still, in a way leaving me more of a loner than before. I am ecstatic for all of my friends that are accomplishing things and getting ahead. I just wish I could join them a little quicker than I am.

That is just a little rambling and a sampling of the things I think about; don't make much of it — I don't. Completely unrelated to that, I updated winfo to version 0.4 a couple of days ago. I didn't post anything here, other than updating the code page, because I doubt you all use it. And if you do, you can subscribe to the project page to be emailed whenever I update it.


Well, I am honored to be one of your closest friends. I just want to tell you, though, that you are more than welcome in our place at anytime. Besides, why do you think we got two bedrooms? :)

Posted by Jacky on Sunday, 24 July 2005, 10:51:09 EDT.

Btw, thanks for your help on saturday. We moved a whole lot of stuff.

Posted by Jay on Monday, 25 July 2005, 19:33:24 EDT.

Independant Loner is not a label I would give you James. You are a person who is careful of who his friends are, but you do seem to love groups that you are familiar with. Desktop Days is a great example. As for people moving on, that is one of the things we all face. Hopefully they all move on to better things like Jay did.

Posted by John on Tuesday, 26 July 2005, 15:54:57 EDT.

A loner isn't a completely accurate label for you, I feel. You are very active in the UG, and I think that some people are just more comfortable communicating in a digital medium.

Posted by Mr Frosti on Tuesday, 26 July 2005, 23:07:06 EDT.

I just always figured you were picky about your friends. That's what makes it so nice to be in that group. You've always been there for me when I need you, and I hope you can say the same of me.

Posted by Wolven on Friday, 29 July 2005, 15:08:23 EDT.