Thursday, 21 April 2005, 20:20:06 EDT

You may recall me complaining about the Georgia university system's mandated test for graduation — the Regents' Test. Well, the results were due back before the end of next week and I decided to check up on it before going to bed. It seems that I passed with a score of '3'! The papers are graded by three people and rated on a score of one to four, four being the highest. The lowest passing grade is two and the paper has to be rated as passing by at least two of the reviewers. Third try, score of three, and I don't have to take that damn test again. I am extremely pleased.

Also, I updated my winfo utility today. It now gives a listing of any non-hidden wireless networks, and the AP's MAC address, within range if any are available. It will make finding the APs that broadcast the same SSID as the official campus wireless network much easier for me. For some reason, certain departments on campus seem to think that they need their own APs, set the SSID to be the same as the official campus one, and broadcast it so that students' machines will connect to it instead of the real APs. It is maddening.



Posted by Jamesf on Friday, 22 April 2005, 7:17:12 EDT.

Congratulations, bro! I know you were sweating that test.

Posted by wolven on Friday, 22 April 2005, 8:23:53 EDT.

yay! one step closer :)

Posted by Jacky on Sunday, 24 April 2005, 19:51:02 EDT.

There has been an effort recently to help students exempt the Regents test entirely. I dont remember the criteria, but maybe they are phasing this abomination out?

Posted by Mr Frosti on Tuesday, 26 April 2005, 5:59:39 EDT.

Heh, and congratulations.

Posted by Mr Frosti on Tuesday, 26 April 2005, 6:00:02 EDT.

Congrats. That is stupid test that does not help show a students ability to write. It is a waste of time. If you are required to take two english classes, Eng 1101 and 1102, and you pass them both, you should know English. Just my opinion though.

Posted by John on Tuesday, 26 April 2005, 9:01:09 EDT.

First, thank you all for the congratulations.

Yes, it is possible to exempt both sections of the Regents' test now if you have good enough SAT scores. However, the test is still valid. I, too, thought it is a waste of time and I had to figure out what the point of the test is before I was able to pass it. There are plenty of people that can manage to get through ENG 1101 and 1102 yet still can't write well, myself included.

The purpose of the test is to certify that the students coming out of the Georgia univesity system with degrees are competent and capable of reason and communication. The test isn't meant to test a person's ability to write well. The test is meant to test a person's ability to write according to strict specifications and communicate clearly at the same time.

Posted by James Sumners on Tuesday, 26 April 2005, 11:50:16 EDT.