Sunday, 10 April 2005, 19:47:12 EDT

Here is one of those rare posts where I won't be talking about anything remotely thought provoking or technically interesting. I went to the Braves vs Mets game today with my brother and father. It is only the second time I have been to Turner Field. When I ordered the tickets the other night I thought that I was ordering tickets which would be on the second deck, i.e. off the ground; it seems that I ordered tickets which were under second deck. Our seats were simply awesome; I wish I would have taken my camera but I didn't think we would be so close. One foul ball went over my head and landed a couple rows back — I was almost able to catch another. I have never sat in such a seat to my memory. Evidently, my father and me used to move down to the seats behind homeplate after a couple innings when the Braves were not quite the team that they are now but I don't remember that; I just remember being at the games having the time of my life. Today was reminicent of those days. The game may have been lost, in part because of some poor managerial decisions, but I still had an awesome time.

Here is a list of the things that are awesome about going to baseball games at Turner Field:

  1. Baseball.

  2. Grass so beautiful it makes you want to be a kid playing the game again.

  3. Hamburgers as big as your face.

  4. A good day in the sun watching the best sport on Earth.

  5. Feeling like a kid again.


That's the nicest thing that I've read in a while, bro. Thanks for cheering up my day. :_)

Posted by Wolven on Monday, 11 April 2005, 9:56:35 EDT.