Thursday, 31 March 2005, 13:08:11 EST

A week or so ago I mentioned that I would be adding a "favorite icon" to the site. It took a while because I can't draw and I am not talented enough with photo editors to do what I wanted. So, I asked Jason to draw one for me. He managed to find time to scan it in and send it to me last night so today there is an icon. Thank you, Jason, for the icon; it is perfect.

Speaking of video games, I have to rant a bit more on violence in video games, parents' lack of responsibility, and the government. On the fourteenth of this month Senator Hillary Clinton gave a speech concerning the media and its affect on children. Near the beginning of her speech she says, "And probably one of the biggest complaints I've heard is about some of the video games, particularly Grand Theft Auto, which has so many demeaning messages about women and so encourages violent imagination and activities and it scares parents." Of course, she has never played the game so her assesment of it is woefully inaccurate. Yes, the game is predicated on violence; but, the game is also satire which makes fun of the media! The very thing she wants to regulate is the very thing the game, which she doesn't seem to care for, ridicules.

Later in her speech she talks about how advitisers target young children with flash commercials about junk food and toys. She says, "And so it's a kind of real whammy. You get the child hooked, you know, into these ads and then the child, if you've ever been in a supermarket with a young child, becomes a very effective advocate just to be quieted in the cart. Go ahead and buy it so we can go ahead with the rest of our shopping." Am I the only one that recognizes the problem here? The child she is speaking of evidently has not been diciplined. The parent is probably the same parent that would buy their child a mature rated video game.

Senator Clinton advocates a cross media rating system that is "clear" so parents can judge what their children are being exposed to. She focuses on video games like they are the end of civilization. It seems that she fails to realize video games have a rating system. If the parent doesn't understand the rating on the game all the parent has to do is ask the store clerk what it means. Hell, somtimes the clerk will tell the parent even if they don't ask to be told. There simply is no reason for the government to step in and do anything about this; that is, unless they want to test people to see if they are smart enough to have children. Fail the test and you get fixed. That's some legislation I would support.


Clinton doesn't like video games because they represent a form of entertainment that she can't control. And yes, by entertainment, I mean the *news* channel CNN. All she has to do is make some blatently wrong presumption that violent video games are one of the signs of the apocolypse, and her speech along with her mug shot is televised across the world. She needs to hook up with the Governor of Utah, and maybe they can ban all pornography next.

Posted by Mr Frosti on Saturday, 02 April 2005, 9:41:03 EST.