Thursday, 17 March 2005, 19:34:59 EST

The other evening I couldn't get to sleep so I read through my web server log reports. I learned a few things: Firefox is the most used browser on this site, which is a good thing; I get a lot of 404 errors (missing file) from user agents looking for a "favorite icon," not a good thing; and that I really needed to get off my lazy bum and de-reference the alternate stylesheets. Well, I was sitting here listening to The Box before starting in on my homework and ended up coming across some interesting links which prompted me to do some work to this site. No, there is still not a favorite icon, but that is coming soon. I did, however, remove the references to the alternate stylesheets (like you care), add some better rules for web robots like Google, fix the references to my email address, and update my links.

The most interesting update to you would probably be the links page update. Sure, I added a few more links, and if you are observant you would have seen them a couple of days ago, but they are not the interesting part. The interesting part is the link to is in essence an online bookmark manager. That doesn't quite cover what it really is though. While allows you to easily keep your bookmarks on the web so that they are accessible from any computer, it is also a "social bookmarks manager." What that means is your bookmarks are accessible by anyone who reads unless you mark your account as "antisocial." The really neat thing about this is it allows you to find more links related to your bookmarks that you may not have found otherwise. When you look at your bookmarks you can see how many other people have that same link bookmarked, browse the list of other people that have that bookmark, and view their bookmarks. If you have never checked out I recommend that you do so. It is really cool and I find myself using it quite a bit.