Tuesday, 15 March 2005, 16:31:42 EST

There is one thing that has disappointed me about OS X: there is a complete lack of truly useful wireless tools. I figured with the fact that there is basically one wireless card for the Macintosh that there would be some better utilities availble for it. It seems I was wrong; sure, there is Kismac and a couple of other tools but they don't do what I need. When I am walking around campus trying to diagnose specific access points I need to be able to figure out which one I am connected to. I used to be able to use iwconfig to determine the MAC address of the access point that I am connected to. Well, there wasn't anything for OS X that would give me that information before today. This afternoon I wrote a small application to tell me the information that I need. I call the application "winfo" and it can be downloaded from my code section. Enjoy.