Sunday, 14 September 2003, 23:12:51 EDT

You must go see Once Upon A Time In Mexico. The movie fuckin' rocks! It is very much like Desperado in that, while it is a sequel, it is also a stand alone movie. It is also an action flick while at the same time a well made movie. You can either just sit back and enjoy the action or try to figure out all the symbolism.

I went up to Elijay, Georgia for a friend's bachelor party this weekend. It was a blast. We played pool, video games, and messed around on the lake. I LOVE playing on the waver runner. I had never ridden on one before and I am astounded at the toll it can take on you physically. My arms and legs are sore from using the thing but damn did I ever have fun. I almost threw myself off of it once when I did a really sharp turn - but that was fun as well. I tried to waveboard but I couldn't get up out of the water. I think I figured out the problem. I was trying to put all my weight on my right leg when I usually put my weight on my left leg. All I managed to do was twist my knee twice and give up. It sure did look fun though.