Monday, 14 March 2005, 20:57:02 EST

Today, after work, I went by Best Buy to pick up a specific item. After I found the item was there to buy I decided, against all better judgement, to look around for bit. I looked through the computer section, of course, and learned they are starting to try to cater to the hobbyist now; it seems that Best Buy is now selling miscellaneous parts like motherboards, cases, cooling fans, and even thermal paste. All I can recall them having are ABIT boards but I think they had at least one other brand. I suppose it is good that they carry ABIT and not some cheap-o brand. Any way, that isn't the section of the store that I shouldn't have gone in to. No, that section is too high priced for me and there is no way I was going to buy anything from there. The dangerous section turned out to be the video games section. As I was browsing the Playstation 2 section I found Midway Arcade Treasures priced at $10.00.

Usually when I see one of these retro game packs I shrug and continue on my merry way. This one, however, contains two games that I absolutely love: Marble Madness and Klax. I spent a lot of time playing Marble Madness on my NES; I'm not sure but I think I actually beat the game without the use of a Game Genie. Marble Madness is quite possibly one of the hardest games ever made and I certainly enjoyed the challenge. Klax, though, is in a class of its own. I only played the game a couple of times at the Union City Pizza Hut. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I got to play the game with M.A.M.E. did I really get in to the game. If you have never actually played Klax then it looks like an insanely stupid game. But, if you have played it then you understand why I had to have it. That game sucks me in and will not let go. I love games that are challenging and all about getting a high score. It is a good thing that Raiden isn't on the disc as well or I might never get any sleep.


I wasn't saying that it looked stupid. All I was saying was that all puzzle games are inferior when compared to tetris. You probably didn't hear me correctly because of all the "CLACK, CLACK, CLACK" :p

Posted by jamesf on Tuesday, 15 March 2005, 6:40:35 EST.

I wasn't really referring to any specific person's comments about the game. It was more a general statement of people's first reaction when seeing the game and not playing the game.

As for Tetris, Tetris is lame. The only challenging thing about Tetris is that the speed of the falling blocks keeps increasing. After about level nine or ten the game is unplayable unless you have some sort of phycic link with it. Klax, though, actually gives you specific goals for each level. I think that makes it a much more fun game.

Posted by James Sumners on Tuesday, 15 March 2005, 6:53:37 EST.

You want to loan me GTA:SA.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 15 March 2005, 15:23:18 EST.


Actually, I still haven't beat it yet. I have been playing it rather consistently though so, no.

Posted by James Sumners on Tuesday, 15 March 2005, 15:41:12 EST.

Shit. Now I have to go to Best Buy.

Mmmm... Klax... and Marble Madness. It's funny, I was telling Bear last night that I didn't know of anyone else that had ever beaten Marble Madness, and now, here you are. Now, I must go see if I can find Marble Madness 2, for it must be conquered.

Posted by Wolven on Thursday, 17 March 2005, 6:39:26 EST.