Monday, 07 February 2005, 8:57:34 EST

If you ever meet someone that says something to the effect of "I have too much free time" you need to beat them until they tell you where the acquired it. I made a comment after last semester about playing World of Warcraft almost non-stop and that I hoped I would get past the "newness" of it before classes start again. Well, I haven't been able to play the game in about two weeks. I logged in Saturday to play but not even a minute after I started I had to stop and take care of more pertinent matters for the day. Saturdays are about the only day I have time to waste on such an activity and the Saturdays where that is possible are few. Every other day is filled with work, school, and errands.

Also, if you have been reading this web site for any length of time you know that I have a tendency to be fanatical about web standards. Here is a link to an intersting story about a major newspaper "seeing the light" so to speak. Since I have moved this site to I have been able to keep up with the individual stats for this site. They have a statistics generator that I had previously not known about that is quite awesome; AWStats breaks down a lot of information in very well defined categories. The excellent stat reporting has shown me that I need to stop linking to the old stylesheets for people with browsers that support alternate stylesheets. By linking to the older, cruftier, stylesheets I am increasing bandwidth on my end and the user's end. Yet another thing to do *sigh*.


Heh. You always inspire me to greater works, when I do anything resembling coding. As for the free time thing... Destroy the infidels.

Posted by Wolven on Tuesday, 08 February 2005, 12:30:12 EST.