Sunday, 30 January 2005, 21:11:36 EST

Why did I move the site? Well, the weekend in Atlanta was not a fun one. We went from mild walk-around-without-a-jacket winter weather to cars being encased, that's right encased, in a half inch of solid ice. The result of this sudden turn in the weather was power outtages both planned and unplanned. As I expected to happen, the network that hosts the machine this site used to be hosted on dropped the route to the machine (put simply). Such a thing happens every time there is a major event that could affect the network that the old host sits on. While I can live with it for some other services the machine provides I was getting tired of it dropping my personal site. However, that is not the reason I aquired the third party hosting where this site is now. That reason is ever more infuriating.

As I mentioned already, the weather we had here in the metro Atlanta area this past weekend caused power outtages. My apartment was without power for over thirty hours this weekend. The power went out at about 2:00PM Saturday, came on for about an hour at 3:15PM Sunday, and finally came back on fully sometime after 6:00PM (I was at a movie when it came back on). The power being out in my apartment meant that email going to either the or domains would not be delivered and would be hung up in the "will try to deliver for the next five days" loop. This sort of thing has been happening entirely too much recently and this weekend of no electricity finally drove me over the edge to do something about it. So, I am in the process of deciding what to do with my email address and moving all email to my third party host.

So there you have it. I mentioned a while back that I was considering moving my personal site to a third party host and now it has happened. I intend to get a shorter domain for it some time in the future, I want, but will have to wait on that. Instead of billing me per month like I thought they would do, the hosting provider charged me for the full two years in one lump some so forking over extra cash for an extra domain right now isn't going to happen. This damn power outtage has cost me too much money.