Saturday, 01 January 2005, 15:19:49 EST

Yeah, I didn't post much during December. It isn't that there wasn't anything going on in December, I just didn't have a lot to say.

But, December is over and with it 2004. Overall, 2004 was a good year. I started school again, switching majors at the same time, and finishing the Fall semester with a 3.00 GPA bringing my overal GPA up to 2.31; not exactly stellar but on the right track. Spring semester, starting on the tenth, will be more difficult but if I maintain good study habits it shouldn't be a problem.

I also acquired a new job that is a lot less stressful than my previous one. I moved from face-to-face customer service to backend support; essentially, my job is to keep the wireless network on campus running and make sure it has the optimal coverage. There really isn't much to my job other than walking around and using the wireless network in various places. While the job is easy I feel rather useless a lot of the time because of the lack of anything to do. But, it is steady and has a brighter future than answering phones and everything else I used to do which is a good thing considering the next paragraph.

Thursday I bought a 1999 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner. No more 1989 Ford Escort! Yay! I got it for a rather fair price but it is still the most expensive thing I have ever purchased. I will be on a tighter budget because of it but I can already tell that it is going to be worth it. Driving something that isn't annoying to drive makes the task much more enjoyable regardless of all the morons on the road with me.

I would say those are my biggest highlights from 2004. There are other things that made it a good year as well, like my new apartment, but these are the top three. Hopefully the trend will continue and 2005 will be a banner year as well.


"While the job is easy I feel rather useless a lot of the time because of the lack of anything to do" - Welcome to Government work. And answering phones is a dead end? You get to meet interesting people, usually irate, and then you have to listen to their bullshit. I thought it seemed like a promising career. :)

Posted by Mr Frosti on Saturday, 01 January 2005, 20:20:38 EST.

Congratulations on the new vehicle. May the Escort rest in peace, it sure as hell earned it.

Posted by Jay on Sunday, 02 January 2005, 18:34:40 EST.