Monday, 06 December 2004, 10:55:18 EST

I just touched up a couple more things around here. No longer will you have to scroll to the bottom of long posts when you want either read the comments or post a comment. I have tried once again to get the comment form to remember the stuff you fill in but web cookies suck so it probably still doesn't work.

I have been playing entirely too much World of Warcraft lately. It is a good thing that I waited until classes were basically over for the semester because that game is too addictive. Hopefully I will get all of the fresh addictive gameplay over with during the winter break. If you haven't played it I suggest you head over to the website and download the gameplay video to see what you are missing. At Jason's party, more on that in a second, I was able to see Everquest 2 being played and I am very happy with my choice. From what I remember, lots of beers, I did not like the graphics in the game. I think they tried to make it look too pretty. WoW is pretty but it is cartoony and I like the cartoony look of the game. EQ2 tried to be too real in some aspects while looking too fake in others. I don't know, I should probably look at the game again when sober to make a better judgement.

Speaking of the going away party, I had a blast. I may have felt a bit crappy yesterday but I was fully expecting that. I hope you had a good time too, Jason, and I hope you have a good time in California.

Oh, and today's Garfield is the best one in a long time:

Christmas Cookie Storage Device