Monday, 15 November 2004, 14:11:00 EST

I am not sure if anyone reading this page is considering getting me something for the upcoming "buy everyone you know a lot of random stuff" holiday, but, if you are considering such a thing, I will save you the trouble of wondering what in the hell to get me by linking you to my Wish List. I have rated things on their "want" scale to make it even easier for you. Truly, I don't mind not getting anything but some people are crazy and want to buy me more stuff to keep up with.

Unrelated to the "buy everyone you know a lot of random stuff" holiday, I wrote a short story this weekend. I will be posting it here soon but it needs a bit of work first. I have had three people critique it thus far and the feedback has been good. Personally, I am not sure the writing is quality stuff but I really am my own worst critic so *shrug*. Any way, look for it to be posted soon – probably by the weekend.


I would say I am in for the same holiday, however it sounds a lot like Christmas. The only difference is you are supposed be be celebrating something on Christmas other than presents. I just can't seem to remember what it is. :)

Posted by Mr Frosti on Wednesday, 17 November 2004, 15:58:43 EST.