Monday, 08 November 2004, 14:30:51 EST

I have been getting some feedback about the new site design. Everything I have been hearing is good and that pleases me. It has been said that the site imparts a sense of seriousness, looks like a site you actually read instead of navigate, and just plain "well done." Personally, I think it is the best design I have done yet even if I do think it needs a couple tweaks here and there. I am happy that you all seem to think the same. I intend to keep redesigning it every few months to keep the site fresh.

Also, this site will be changing addresses soon. I have not decided if I am going to give it a subdomain of the domain I choose for the top level site or if I will give this site its own domain. Regardless, the address will be changing within a fort night. After the change has happened I intend to put up a site redirection; this means you will not have to know the new address until it has changed. Once the address has changed you will need to update your bookmarks.

*** Update ***
It seems that the server will not move just yet after all. However, I am thinking about moving my personal site any way. I would kind of like for it to have its own domain now that it has become something that I attend to regularly and take more seriously.


James the only think I do not like is the scroling div box.. Other than that I like it...

Posted by Brian on Monday, 08 November 2004, 14:35:47 EST.

Ummm, you are going to have to scroll something; either the whole page or just the content. You might as well only scroll the content. I agree, I would like for my mouse wheel to scroll the content but that is a problem with the browser not the design.

Posted by James Sumners on Monday, 08 November 2004, 15:57:42 EST.

The design is interesting. I like the right side more than the container that is the news postings. Interesting idea though, and each site is our own, so I applaud not having a cookie-cutter design.

Posted by Mr Frosti on Wednesday, 10 November 2004, 16:54:24 EST.

I had originally intended to have a "semi-transparent" background on the content section but it doesn't work well. I am still working this design though.

Posted by James Sumners on Thursday, 11 November 2004, 11:33:54 EST.