Wednesday, 03 November 2004, 15:12:54 EST

Yep, Internet Explorer is stupid. If you are using IE to view this page do not complain to me. Once again, I will not do special things to make IE behave properly. I am, however, thinking of implementing a "theme" switcher so that you can choose between the old theme, the current one, and any future themes. I am unsure how I want to implement it though so it may be a couple days before it is available. I also want to tweak this stylesheet if it needs to be tweaked before I work on that.

Any way, you may need to clean out your browser cache for this page to look like it should now. If you are using Firefox then just hold the "control" key and press 'F5'.

Please, feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments for this post.

** Update **
Touched the new theme up a bit as per some suggestions from Will. So, you may need to clear your cache again if you viewed this page before this update.