Tuesday, 12 October 2004, 13:19:42 EDT

A quick little update about some web site happenings.

It seems that some of the writing I have done here qualify for credit in one of my courses this semester. All I have to do is print the posts that I feel qualify and turn them in with the rest of my work. So, I tweaked the print stylesheet a bit more over the past couple days. First, I changed it so that comments will always have a page break before them; this means that you can print just one post. All you have to do is view the "comments" for a post and print all but the pages that have comments. Second, I set the stylesheet to expand links when printing. Anywhere there is a link in the post the URI will be shown in parantheses to the right of the "link." This feature will only work with browsers that have decent CSS support such as Firefox and Opera. This should help the printed posts make more sense.

Also, I am now assured that adding the license to the content of this web site was the proper thing to do. When I got in from lunch this afternoon I had an email asking for permission to use a couple of the photographs in my gallery. I of course have no problem with it, as per the license, and am actually pleased that they decided to use them.

I have some other plans in store for this site but they are coming along slowly. I am up to my ears in homework and other things (debates and such) so I don't have much time to work on it. What I have in mind will be radical though :)

Check back later for a longer geeky post. I have been formulating it for a couple days and am close to writing it.