Sunday, 07 September 2003, 15:23:10 EDT

I just finished reading Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind. I bought it eight days ago when I stopped by Media Play just to look around. It strikes me as rather coincidental that I would finsh the eighth book of this series in as many days.

Any way, the book was very good. Every book in this series has been so good that I just couldn't put them down until I absolutely had to (like to sleep or work). I remember that the first book, an almost 800 page paper back, I finished in about three days. This latest book, while being very good, did sort of irritate me though. After I had finished the seventh book I believed that the author would get back to the war that had been raging for the past two books. Instead he takes the main characters off in yet another random life threatning adventure which delays their ability to end the war for yet another book. I can't quite decide if the author has just decided that he can cash in on this series or if he really designed the "saga" to be this long from the start. I will keep buying the books though; I am very interested to find out what will happen with all of the major characters. I just noticed that has this hard cover book listed at 608 pages - that is a lie - it is 667 pages.

If you like fantasy books I suggest you pick up Wizard's First Rule (the only book from the series I do not have in hard cover) and loose yourself in the fantasic world of Terry Goodkind. He does tend to preach a lot on morals but if you look past that, to the story behind it, I think you will find an immersive world that you do not want to leave.

Now if only Melanie Rawn would hurry the fuck up and release this book.